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TCK Daylighting is a Full Service Turnkey Integrator

TCK Daylighting provides not only daylighting systems, but has expertise in integrating lighting controls and lighting retrofit. We provide the initial daylighting design, lighting controls design, and even electric lighting design on a project, and then we manage the installation on-site.

We provide photometric studies, architectural specifications and site surveys and other submittals.

TCK Daylighting offers product sizes to accommodate roof structure spacing, rooftop and ceiling obstructions and building heights. Our products work for flat rooftops and pitched roofs, for new construction and building retrofits.

Many Types of Buildings - Many Types of Lighting Requirements

Desired lighting levels and distribution patterns vary widely according to the function of an interior space. High bay retail merchandising projects may require high vertical illumination levels, while commercial office projects may require high horizontal illumination levels with highly controlled vertical illumination. Regardless of the type of building: retail, office building, industrial and commercial, the challenges are many and real. TCK Daylighting provides and installs a variety of fixtures for satisfying the spectrum of building types. These different fixtures are optimized for desired lighting levels, and accommodate different ceiling heights, building structural systems, and rooftop obstructions and pitches.

System Level Energy Efficiency - A Truly Energy Efficient Solution

In a typical commercial building the electrical lighting represents 25% to 35% of the total electrical load. Advances in lighting technology continually improve energy efficiency, but do so incrementally. For example, lamp efficacy improvement from 80 lumens/watt to 100 lumens/watt only translates into an energy efficiency improvement of 1% when one considers the entire electric lighting production process including fixture efficiency, lamp lumen depreciation, lumen maintenance, ballast losses and other factors inherent to electric lighting. The use of Daylighting offers the greatest single opportunity to save energy by reducing the Effective Attached Lighting Power Density to a small fraction of Title 24 and ASHRAE levels, by simply allowing the electric lighting process to shut off. TCK Daylighting Technology can retrofit existing installations, and integrate electrical fixtures and illumination level controls with any daylighting systems.

Be Cool

True daylighting systems also add considerably less heat to a space than the equivalent amount of illumination provided by electric lights or typical skylights. Reducing the amount of heat generated by electric lighting means reduced HVAC requirements, which equates to additional savings in cooling loads.

There’s No Better Light Than Sunlight

That’s because the sun is a continuous spectrum source, like the incandescent or tungsten-halogen lamp. Colors are rendered correctly and beautifully. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 100%, nothing has a higher CRI than sunlight.

Sunlight is Powerful

Sunlight provides 1000 watts of radiant energy per square meter, or 10,000 FC, during average annualized midday conditions. That is 100-200 times the amount of illumination that is needed indoors. Large commercial / industrial buildings can exceed 100,000 SF of roof area. This equates to 100 megawatts of radiant energy available for collection and conversion into electricity for on-site or off-site use. This is why photovoltaic’s (PV) are good and so exciting. This energy availability is also why daylight technology is so promising.

Don’t Pave Your Roofs with Photovoltaics Yet!

Of the entirety of U.S. commercial space, 86% is top floor. Covering a roof entirely in PV maximizes energy for electricity but neglects energy directly available for light and introduces inefficiency into the solar collection and utilization process. Daylighting fixtures only occupy 3-5% of roof area in comparison to solar panels. What you do with that 3-5% can dramatically affect a building’s energy and economic performance. If you have top floor space, use daylight first to reach an optimum energy balance and maximum solar energy efficiency.

Think Daylight First

TCK Daylighting installs a proprietary, highly efficient prismatic daylighting system along with advanced lighting solutions and controls. For a wide range of commercial, industrial, school, and other public buildings, our systems typically save more than 25% of electric power costs, reduce greenhouse gases, and greatly improve the productivity of building occupants.

TCK Daylighting Prismatic Light Harvesting Fixtures differ greatly from traditional skylights, incorporating thousands of tiny prisms that diffuse daylight throughout the work area, prevent solar heat gain, and create calibrated, controllable, and aesthetically pleasing light. TCK Daylight Technology designs and installs every application, working with architects and builders to ensure a seamless and successful integration with existing building systems or new green projects. When properly designed and engineered, daylighting provides significant opportunities to improve revenue, employee productivity, student performance and the environment. Daylighting also qualifies for significant utility rebates as well.

When prioritizing renewable energy and energy conservation initiatives, daylighting buys down the payback period of comparable rooftop technologies if used in conjunction with them. Daylighting doesn’t consume that much roof area, but significantly impacts electrical consumption because all buildings require illumination inside, and illumination is expensive to produce from electricity. Even high efficiency illumination powered by solar photovoltaic panels will have a much longer payback period than daylighting! Rewrite the energy balance of your facility. “Think Daylight First”.

Dramatic Energy Savings

TCK Daylighting’s Passive Light Harvesting Systems provide natural illumination inside buildings for an average of eight hours per day. Passive daylighting allows building managers to turn off their electric lighting during the day, dramatically reducing energy needs and electrical maintenance costs, which can account for 30% to 40% of a building's utility expense.

Daylighting radiates less heat than traditional skylights and electrical lighting, which means buildings stay cooler naturally and lower expenses for air conditioning systems.

Prismatic Daylighting products function well even with moderate cloud cover due to the company’s advanced technology and design methodology.

The Most Beneficial Type of Illumination

Daylighting brings natural light inside and improves people’s visual acuity by providing superior recognition of detail, text, graphics and color compared to conventional electric lighting. Studies show people can see better and perform tasks more effectively in naturally lit environments.

Higher Revenue for Your Organization

  • Shoppers linger longer and buy more in daylight environments, with retail sales increases of 31% to 40%.
  • Student absenteeism is reduced in the school environment, resulting in higher student attendance and increased funds, corresponding to student attendance.
  • People thrive in daylight environments - it connects them to the outdoors- employees take fewer sick days. Companies have healthier employees and lower costs.

Achieve With Daylight / Better Productivity & Performance

The respected studies of daylighting by Heschong-Mahone discovered:
  • Office workers perform 10%-25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall.
  • Call Center workers process calls 6%-12% faster.
  • Students perform 20% more quickly on math tests and 26% more quickly on reading tests.

A Cleaner Environment

  • Passive daylighting is 100% renewable and efficient – renewable energy goals or mandates are met with daylighting more cheaply than with other source renewable.
  • Can contribute significantly to meeting energy efficiency requirements in building codes, LEED and CHPS programs and is consistent with the U.S. Green Building Council initiatives.
  • Reduces need of conventional electricity, which accounts for up to 40% of carbon emissions.

Full Service Turn Key Design and Installation

TCK Daylighting installation includes a complete daylight system design, consisting of detailed daylighting fixture locations, ceiling layouts and drawings. On retrofit installations a structural engineer can be retained to ensure all installations comply with local seismic and weight requirements. All recommendations, plan reviews and structural drawings can be provided to the customer for a reasonable fee.

TCK Daylighting manages and installs all of its projects with its own staff and trained subcontractors. The key to providing customers an optimum daylighting installation is the ability to properly install the products specified with the least amount of disturbance to the customers’ environment. TCK Daylighting maintains ongoing communication with its customers to ensure successful project completion. In closing TCK Daylighting is one of the only Turnkey Integrators for complete daylighting solutions in the State of Arizona. We look forward providing you the highest quality solutions and the best customer service experience in the industry, all at a very competitive and affordable investment. Please contact our office for a no cost or obligation site visit to see if your facility could benefit from the implementation of toplight daylighting technology.

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